We no longer breed. !! A scam site under Greenmountainmastiffs is using our info!!

We don't sell puppies! A scam site Greenmountainmastiffs.com is using our info!

Welcome to Brindle Bullmastiffs

Brindle Bullmastiffs

BORN June 2018 !!! 7 wks in pics . No more litters planned

We no longer breed any puppies! Just enjoy our dogs!

Brindle Bullmastiff puppies nurse

We love having healthy thick puppies

Lacey whelped her litter naturally , nursed the litter well and raised well adjusted friendly pups. Lacey's pup, Blaze, is still living with our daughter and her family, at 11.5 years old !


Healthy Thick puppies grow into Healthy, Thick dogs! Mister (at right)

Our dogs are companions for their owners and our dogs are also farm dogs.  There is nothing more important than having a dog you trust and that is healthy and strong and stays healthy. Our puppies conditioning and training starts at 2 weeks old.  By 3-4 weeks they are litter box trained, and go in the litter box 95% of the time. And they have been conditioned for further training.

Brindle bullmastiff on Vacation !

We live with our dogs for many years. Nothing is better than a trusted companion! My buddy Nyx (at left)

Bullmastiffs are an incredible breed and very intelligent.  They are loyal and have a discerning temperament and instincts. We try to bring that out in our pups because we believe it makes them easier to live with and more stable in every situation.

Puppies - we have no puppies for sale

Nothing takes the place of a healthy happy mom taking care of and raising her own pups !

brindle Bullmastiff with brindle Bullmastiff puppies

The pups have care by us 24/7, but interaction with their mom teaches them there is a power greater than they are in this world.  Mom can teach them manners like no one else !

All of our litters have been nursed

brindle bullmastiff and reds being nursed by mom

The puppies health, temperament, and bonding are all affected by nursing.  We believe that there is no equal substitute for puppies being nursed by mom.

Healthy Brindle pup, Blaze, at 5 weeks and 10 weeks old


Blaze is 11.5 years old now (April 2018) and still takes her daily walks and keeps my daughter and her family safe.

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Brindle Bullmastiffs

We don't sell puppies and a Scam site Greenmountainmastiffs.com is using our info